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What does Maini do?

Are these buggies manufactured in India or merely assembled?

Who can I contact regarding Maini products?

Can the Maini website help me choose the right buggy for my needs?

How can I find the pricing for a Maini product?

Can the buggy be registered with the RTO? Can I drive it on the roads?

Do you offer different colour options?

What is the capability of Maini vehicles to negotiate gradients?

What is the set speed of a Maini buggy? Can I increase or decrease the speed?

What is the regular maintenance required for Maini buggies?

What is the standard battery range per charge?

What is the life of the battery?

What is the power requirement for charging the battery?

What is the facility required for charging the battery?

Where can I get service for my Maini buggy?

Where can I find maintenance information for my buggy?